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Family Medicine and Dermatovenerology Department

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The Department of Family Medicine is one of the most young in the university, it was founded in 2005, the first head of the department was Professor Popov S.V. At 2012 year to the department was attached a course of Propedeutics of Internal Medicine. Since this year professor Orlovsky V.F. is a head of Department. Currently on chair taught the next courses: Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Family Medicine for students of 6th year. Also Department provides preparing of postgradual doctors in internship by specialization of Family Medicine.

The stuff of chair include: 1 Professor, 5 Associated Professors, 2 Assistants and support stuff. The topics of the research work are “Pathogenesis, Diagnostic and Treatment of cardiovascular diseases”, “Actual Problems of Endocrinology and Gastroenterology”, “Prognostic and Diagnostic value of Ultrasound Examination of the heart in children”.The department is equipped with necesary materials, tables, computers, multimedia player and other technical facilities.

Clinical bases of Departmemt are Sumy City Hospital №1, Sumy Regional Railway Ambulatory, Sumy Regional Hospital For Great war Veterans and Sumy Children Ambulatory №2. All teachers consulte the patients, take part in weekly inspection of the patients, consulte doctors to improve qualification. The workers of the department take active part in international conferences and congresses.