Family Medicine and Dermatovenerology Department

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Clinical practices

The main department locates in the ambulatory for children №2 of Sumy City Children’s Hospital (the chief medical physician is O.M.Yemets). There are computer lab, the office of the head of the hospital, laboratory assistant there.

Cycles of childhood diseases are taught in the hospital. Leading clinical institutions of the city and region –The Region Clinical Hospital, The 1st Clinical Hospital, The Region Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction, The City Clinical Hospital № 3, The Region Clinical Hospital for disabled World War II are used for training too. Clinical sites areequipped withmodern equipments including the volume of clinical and biochemical analyzers, equipments for endoscopic diagnosis, ultrasound devices, X-ray machines and CT scanners.

The staff of department regularly takes part in the scientific and medical pathological conferences, other activities. Many new methods of diagnosis and treatment are provided into the work of hospital department. It help to improve the health advisory and diagnostic work of medical institutions. The department’s employees are on duty in the emergency medical service. In the hospital there is established a close collaboration between family physicians of the city and region and taken measures to sanitary-educational work among the population of the city and region.