Scientific work

Department constantly conduct researches according to the plan and subject. We have published more than 500 scientific works: abstracts, guidelines, manuals, textbooks. The doctoral thesis (V. Orlovskii, N. Demikhova, Y. Ataman) and PhD theses (L. Vinnichenko, A. Zarkova, S. Bokova, M. Gordina) were defended.

The Department staff participate in different scientific forums that take place in Ukraine and abroad, plenary meetings of research and practice societies, young scientists’ symposia, national programs. Close collaboration was established with central institutes and departments. Annually the members of the Department take part in organizing and holding regional research and practice conferences, concluding conferences, conferences in other specialties (phisisians, cardiologists, pediatricians, gerontologists, etc.).

n 2013 the students' scientific work of Kulibaba V.S. and Kovalenko V.M. under the supervision of Assoc. Demikhova N.V. won 3rd place in the National competition of student research papers on "Preventive Medicine."

In 2014 the students' scientific work of Kulibaba Victor led by Assoc. Demikhova N.V. won 3rd place in the National competition of student research papers on "Preventive Medicine."

In2015 the students' scientific work of Zaitseva T. and Krasnopolska N. led by Assist. Smiianova O.I. and Assoc. Demikhova N.V. won 2nd place in the National competition of students research papers on "Preventive Medicine."


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